The speed of desire

‘The wanderer becomes one with himself or herself and the universe.  We connect with the energy of all living things.  We live according to our inner nature.’*
(Keri Smith)

A few things about desire.

There’s a desire for building a safe place to be – a hygge place – and there’s a desire to reach out and explore.  We need both.

There is good desire and there’s bad desire but we cannot live without desire.

A bad desire can become a prison for our heart, whilst a good desire can be the expression of our heart with benefits for others.

Bad desires aren’t helped by the fact that the speed of desire, from wanting to getting, has increased in ways we couldn’t imagine twenty years ago.

Slowing down helps a lot to notice our greatest desires, the ones that will define our lives.

(*From Keri Smith’s The Wander Society.)


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