‘We were living the process as we created it.”*

Joseph Jaworski is articulating the experience I’ve come to value deeply, namely to live in the process of creating together what is being anticipated as a goal:

‘At the very core of our union as partners is a shared passion for using our skills for positive change in our world, as well as having fun while doing excellent work.’**

Lisa Arora and Robert Mittman won’t be forming a company together anytime soon but they often bring together Arora’s graphic facilitation and Mittman’s strategising work with companies in collaborations.

What they’re exploring on a professional level is available on different levels.  I’m grateful to those who have helped me develop an idea through informal partnering, and sometimes formally in one-off or a series of actual ventures – some of these have had financial implications and others not.  They’re all marked by playfulness.

This is one of the qualities these partnerships are marked by.  Playfulness is respected by all concerned as a means of moving from stuckness to movement.  It means partnership-yokes are easy, making the burden of work lighter.   I’ve worked in partnerships where the opposite has been the case – the yoke is awkward and “rubbing,” and the load feels as if it’s doubled not reduced.  This kind of yokefulness means both or all are working as hard when apart as together.  It’s a generative thing, it’s like being born over and over together:

‘[George] Eliot was right: to be alive is to be ceaselessly beginning.’^

(*From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)
(**Lisa Arora and Robert Mittman in Drawn Together Through Visual Practice.)
(^From Jonah Lehrer’s Proust was a Neuroscientist.)

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