From imposter to imposing

The thing you get to do everyday, do you think they’ll find you out, announce you for the fraud you are?

‘Everyone who is doing important work is working on something that might not work. […] Yes, you’re an imposter.  So am I and so is everyone else.  Superman still lives on Krypton and the rest of us are just doing our best.’*

This is interesting.  It moves us from focusing on the thing we’re doing to the person we are.  Anything worthwhile will always take us that little bit further, beyond our competencies and knowledge, but probably not beyond our passion:

‘I am convinced of this: you must not allow fear to steal your future, and every day that you walk this earth you must make sure you save nothing for the next life.


The most important things in life require that you bring your own urgency.  Passion is the fuel that brings urgency.’**

Of course, there’ll always be the should rather than our must – the motivation that comes from outside rather than inside of us.  And with should comes its partner average.  But with must, there’s every possibility that you’ll move from feeling like an imposter to doing something that’s imposing.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Imposter Syndrome.)
(**From Erwin McMans’ The Last Arrow.)

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