there’s always the other

‘Some people as they grow up become less. […] Some people as they grow up become more.’*

Whatever you’ve accomplished, someone else has been involved.

We depend on relationships, the thing that happens or occurs in the space between us.  Whether it be a person in realtime, or an idea or an image or a sound from someone, whether it’s a book or podcast or video we’re engaging with.

Today’s my birthday and I “decided to celebrate” (not!) by knocking over a full bottle of Quink Permanent Black Ink.  (Who said using a fountain pen isn’t dangerous!)   It was the drip drip drip that told me something was wrong – down the wall, all over the carpet.

Enter Christine with her superpowers.

She’d remembered something a carpet salesman had told her more than thirty years ago!  I couldn’t even remember the carpet-fitter.

Dab stains with kitchen roll, use warm water.  Keep dabbing and wetting, dabbing and wetting.  

It worked.

Christine’s superpowers had been passed on to her by someone else.  There’s always the other.  We need them.

Anne Lamott confesses this need to depend on the other is hard to deal with:

‘That’s the hard part, not taking but receiving.’**

This is simply an invitation to be grateful for the others in our lives, whether the ones we live in dynamic relationship with at a moment of ink-crisis at a distance of more than thirty years, or those we live in dynamic relationship for many years.

I think the others help us become more, and I believe the relationship is more than the sum of itsparts.

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Run With the Horses.)
(**From Anne Lamott’s Hallelujah Anyway.)

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