seen enough?

A couple of days ago, a friend and I found ourselves having a conversation about non-judgemental learning.  This feels really important for a world in which we make our minds up about people and things in seconds, heuristically.

It also feels very difficult to do.

“I see” can mean I am opening to something for the first time.  It can also mean, I’m judging what I am seeing by a particular way of understanding.

This needn’t be bad.  It can lead me to say, Show me more, as well as, I’ve seen enough.

One way of seeing is fast – intuitive, the other is seeing slow – wondering what may come into view if we keep looking.

We need both of course, but I wonder whether we too often say to ourselves, or to others, We’ve seen enough, when there’s no good reason to stop looking.

One is more anchored in the past, the other, more anchored in the future.

As long as we know; it may be important.


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