the reclaiming of your days

‘Peace has a dividend.  Economic peace, political peace, interpersonal peace.  It gives us room to dream, to get restless and to make things even better.’*

Add intra-personal peace to this: how we greet and welcome the stranger in us.

Seth Godin’s words about peace catch my attention because my name, Geoffrey, means “Peace of God” and I’ve long felt that I ought to provide others with some kind of peace.

Our desire to dream and make a better contribution doesn’t have to be tied up to our name, but there is a mission life provides each of us with.  You could say, it comes with the territory of being human – “Your mission, should you choose to accept it is …” – that sort of thing:

‘[S]hould mission statements be mission questions?’**

Conflict and interruption may be helpful for us to get our imagination moving, we have to come to a place of peace with the challenge, with those we find ourselves teamed with in the conflict, and, with who we are and who we are becoming.  We’re then able to move from reacting to responding to taking the initiative.

Kio Stark describes her great fascination as she begins her book When Strangers Meet:

‘Talking to people I’ve never met before is my adventure.  It’s my joy, my rebellion, my liberation.  It’s how I live.  Here’s why.  When you talk with strangers, you make beautiful and surprising interruptions in the expected narrative of your daily life.  You shift perspective.  You form momentary, meaningful connections.  You find questions whose answers you thought you knew.  You reject the ideas that make us so suspicious of each other.’^

You may be thinking, This is the kind of passion that I wouldn’t even have to change job to do.  That’s the thing, our passions are closer and accessible and executable than we think when they are wrapped around a question.^^  Wrapped around a question rather than an answer, things begin to happen.

Each of us has only the the one life to do this in.  We must count our days wisely as we wrap them around our deepest passions.

(*From Seth Godin’s Strength through peace.)
(**From Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.)
(^From Kio Stark’s When Strangers Meet.)
(^^My question, which I wrote down when thinking about this, is: 
How can this person find their story?)

2 thoughts on “the reclaiming of your days

  1. What you write today brings me (& I’m guessing many others) to a place of peace. What could be simpler & kinder than being given a licence to connect with what matters ?
    Bravo – & keep doing what you do so well. For us all.

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