the stranger

“Be open to the night…

Pray with open hand, not with clenched fist…

Shapes loom out of the darkness, uncertain and unclear: but the hooded stranger on horseback emerging from the mist need not be assumed to be the bearer of ill…

The night is large and full of wonders…”*

What if the stranger you see coming out of the darkness of the light is you?  The “you” with hopes and dreams and aspirations overpowered and driven away by practicality.

Now, your dreaming and hoping you is returning.

It will take some time to know this person and to trust them.  Neither do we cease to be the person peering into the darkness from the past, but this you from the past seeks to find synchronicity to the you from the future.  Perhaps this is why the one emerging from the darkness scares or terrifies us.  They do not come with force but with possibility.

(*Lord Dunsany, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)

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