you are so unreasonable


Truth be told, we’re all unreasonable though we are children of the Age of Reason.

‘[T]here is no special revelation anywhere, and none is needed, because the mind of man cleared of its fallibilities is sufficiently capable of the knowledge of God.  All people in the world are thus capable because all people in the world are capable of reason.’*

‘Whatever these forces are that make people do dumb things, they are powerful, they are often invisible, and they lurk even in the best of environments.’**

Reason is our myth inasmuch as it’s a creation of human beings explaining where we’ve come from and where we’re capable of going.  It’s the fallibilities we struggle to sort out, especially when they’re invisible to us.

I’m not too worried.  Some would say it’s our struggling with fallibilities that produces the most beautiful human inventions.

More than a reasoned statement, this beauty firstly feels like an effervescence, a song – more music than science.  When we listen carefully to our lives, we’ll feel it then hear it.

When we’re always busy, always with others, there’s too much noise, inseparable energy and music.  So we need to find a quiet place and time where we can feel and listen carefully to the uniqueness of our song.

‘The Void had always vibrated with the music of my thoughts, but before the existence of time the totality of sounds occurred simultaneously. … Now we could hear one note following another, cascades of sounds, arpeggios and glissades.’^

‘It’s only when we are naked that we’re able to fully take our turn and understand what it is to make something.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing this naked, this alone, this responsibly.’^^

It’s an unreasonable thing we do.  Finding a place of quietness and solitude, listening for the song within, sow e can join it with the music of others.

(*Joseph Campbell, from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’s The Power of Myth.  Campbell is laying out the worldview of those men of Reason who constituted the United States, a nation born in this Age of Reason.)
(**From Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc..)
(^From Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)
(^^From Seth Godin’s It’s Your Turn.)

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