the creative life


We are vehemently faithful to our own view of the world.   We want to know what new story we’re stepping into before we exit the old one.’*

We’re a loss-averse species.  It’s why we see small numbers of people move into the new, who are followed by a few more who see the possibilities of the new and begin to make it inhabitable.  Only then do larger numbers of people move into this new reality and move us forward with momentum.  One of the bi-products is that the old reality, which seemed to us the safest or wisest place or best or most popular, no longer is.

A year ago, I was part of a group of people shaping a creative space.  We understood how this space needed to be three-dimensional, being freedom, importance, and curiosity.

One year on, these still look good both for the individual as well as a group.

Freedom is not only about being freed from something but freed to something

‘Take me down to the spring of my life, and tell me my nature and my name.’**

“To name oneself is one of the most powerful acts a person can do.  A name is not just a word by which one is identified.  A name also provides the conceptual framework, the point of reference, the mental constructs that are used in thinking, and relating to a person, and idea, a movement.”^

Importance, or significance, means we want to do something that leaves a mark: I was here, I did that.

Curiosity is about how we’re all different and have such diverse creativity.  It’s why we can only be creative our way.

I think it takes all our years to grow up – becoming more and more ourselves and less what we inherited.

At least, that’s the theory to be tested.

(*From Stephen Grosz’s The Examined Life.)
(**George Appleton, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)

(^Ada Maria Isis-Diaz, quoted in Harriet Harris‘s The Epistemology of Feminist Theology.)


2 thoughts on “the creative life

  1. I love the truth in this – all our years to grow up ….
    Inspiring for those of us still little but looking to becoming a bit more …
    Thank you for choosing that thought.

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