we may never know


I got to see La La Land yesterday.  Twenty minutes and I was hooked.  Without giving the storyline away, there’s a kind of alternative story played out at the end which the lead characters Mia and Sebastian appear both able to imagine.

Most of us don’t have the opportunity to see what might have been if we had done this, chosen that, went there, thought differently.

‘She worries that she does not have the time to take her time on the things that matter.  And it is hard to maintain a sense of what matters in the din of constant communication. … we have created a communication culture that has decreased the amount of time for us to sit and think uninterrupted … we don’t allow sufficient space to consider complicated problems.”*

I wonder about the self we’re allowing to be shaped by the worlds we unquestionably inhabit.  What if we made different worlds?

I am challenged

I’ve been blogging and doodling every day since the 1st January 2014 – whatever was happening and wherever I found myself.  I know there’ll come a day when I won’t be able to do it and I don’t look forward to it.  At the same time I don’t want this to be something that moves me rather than me moving it so I’m going to go offline in a week or so.  I want to explore what this makes possible.

“As for me, if you have nothing indigenous in your own heart, no living preference, no fine, human scorn, I leave you to the tide, it will step you somewhere. … I wish you may find degeneration no more painful than your neighbours, soon sink into apathy, and be long spared a state of respectable somnambulism, from the grave to which we haste.”

Through our determination to be a “mover” rather than “moved,” each of us is able to pick up our living preference and to know more of what presently lies hidden to us.^

(*From Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together.)
(**Robert Louis Stevenson, quoted in Patrick Dodson’s Psychotic Inertia.)
(^What we must do with our lives may feel more like a “fine, human scorn,” which I have elsewhere described as a holy discontent, something we cannot ignore and must do something about.)


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