paring and pairing


‘paring down and questioning is also the path of the wanderer’*

‘A DIY community is a group of people united around a massively transformative purpose (MTP), a collection of the passionate willing to donate their time and their minds to projects they truly believe in.’**

Our ancestors discovered that when fruit bushes and trees were carefully pruned they become more fruitful.  Less was more: larger fruit rather than lots of leaves.  They were able to relate this to their lives, asking what needed to be pared away if their lives were not being as fruitful as they hoped and spiritual practices developed.  Pruning sounds painful but when we “settle down” we can get stuck and ‘become okay with average lives and low expectations.’^

We can all shape our own spiritual disciplines but here are some: ‘skill-building, self-sufficiency, exploration, research, [and] mind-expanding tasks.’*

Another dimension of fruitfulness includes pairing with others.  We need others if we are to be more fruitful.  Though we may or may not have constant companions in our purposefulness there are always those willing to walk with us for some of the way, making it possible for our endeavours to “come to fruition” in and/or through our lives:

The motto of the alchemist is Solve et coagula: to separate and bring together.  We need to separate our lives until we find our essential Must and then we bring this together with others:

‘A redwood tree cannot stand on it owns and neither can we.  The source of Must connects all.’^^

(*From Keri Smith’s The Wander Society.)
(**From Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.)
(^From Patrick Dodson’s Psychotic Inertia.)
(^^From Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must.)


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