what we do not see


‘Read, look into other areas, use different learning mediums, ask better questions, reflect, be open to ideas, be surrounded by learners, and prioritise learning.’*

If we can begin to do what we feel we must do with our lives with what we have – and we all can – who knows what will follow.

That’s the problem, of course: we don’t know.  We fear what we do not know.

There’ll always be fear when it comes to this place of beginning.  An important question then is whether this thing you want to do is worth the fear.

Before this, we must be sure wee’ve opened ourselves to all the adjacent possibilities our lives can be about – there’re an infinite number of outworking to our talents and passions and experiences.

Then we need to be sure that this thing we have settled upon is the most energising of all the possibilities.

If it is then it’s okay to feel the fear – because there will always be fear.  But there’s a trick we can use with fear.

Stare it in the face.  Right now, where you are, with what you have … begin.

More will follow.

(*From Michael Heppell’s The Edge.)

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