becoming more and less


‘Does the knowledge to which we are machines mark the limit of our communion with machines?  Is this knowledge taboo?  Is it harmful’*

‘”It’s not what an artist does that counts, but what he is,” Picasso said.  But his art was so thoroughly autobiographical that what he did was what he was.’**

Sherry Turkle argues that as we use words like emotions, feelings, intuition, and intelligence for machines these biological qualities become less for us, even one-dimensional.  Even if robots and machines becomes intuitive and emotional and intelligent, they’ll be different kinds of intuition, emotion, and intelligence because they’re not grown in flesh and blood

I’m wondering whether we struggle more with our emotions and expect less of our connectedness and relationships the more we become entwined and dependent upon our technology advances? Sometimes our technology only seems to make it possible to say less faster and in a shinier way.

Sometimes there’s a counting machine in the places I shop, with three or four buttons with smiley to sad faces, inviting me to evaluate my visit.  Perhaps a little information for Ikea to use in the future but what was I thinking about when I hit my choice of button?


Or what does this tell you?


When we allow the technology to lead, we become less.  But when it serves our fully biological life then life wins and we become more.

All of this began in a different place.  Not in Arial 12 or Helvetica 11 or the most horrible Comic Sans.  My font is Geoffrey and these thoughts began in the ideas of people who sweated to creat something, were first written down with a pen i lovehere. Yours in unique to you,It’s not only a thought but it’s wrapped In flesh and blood, the joy of a pen, the speed of movement across the paper finding its flow with the speed of the thoughts in my head and also the feelings in my heart.

You have the amazing capability of making life more.

(*From Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together.)
(**From Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must.)

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