aspiration takes a journey


‘In diagnosis, [elicitors] need wisdom to distinguish real aspirations from fake hopes, lofty goals, and self-delusions.’*

‘This solo journey has been called many things throughout time – the myths call it the labyrinth, the abyss, the forest and the night journey.’**

If we notice something – an idea, a possibility, something of interest – but don’t do anything then it’s only noise.

When we take a closer look – read an article, visit somewhere, speak to someone – then it becomes data, which we may use or not.

If we employ this data – we pursue an idea, explore a possibility, stay somewhere for a while – then it has become information to us.

When this happens there is the possibility of knowing something more deeply and it becomes an experience.

Beyond this there is the possibility of being changed and something lasting happens; we may even call this transformation with wisdom being our product

It is possible to train ourselves to be make these journeys.  Some call such people pilgrims.  I like to think of them as flaneurs and flaneuse who seek to see more, feel more and do more:

“If you want to live life free take your time, go slowly.”^^

(*From Joseph Pine and James Gilmore’s The Experience Economy.)
(**From Elle Luna’s essay The Crossroads of Should and Must.)
(^Donovan Leitch, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)


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