meaningful work


Or, following our golden phizzwizards rather than trogglehumpers.

Meaningful work resonates with who we are and what we can do; it also resonates with others, making a difference.  Doing work for as much pay as we can get, acquiring and possessing things is often an exchange of Plan A for Plan B.  It’s not that we do not believe in meaningful work but we don’t think it’s possible for people like us to find it.

I have sat with enough grieving families to know the measure of a loved one is not in how much they acquired but the quality of their relationships:

“We have forgotten our collective ends, and we possess great means: we set huge machines in motion in order to arrive nowhere.”*

‘The character of our work is shaped not by accomplishments or possessions but in the birth of relationships’.**

When it comes to developing their businesses as places for more =meaningful work, it costs virtually nothing for this quality to be increased in our workplaces: for companies to engage the heads and hearts as well as the hands of employees, and as we as the wallets of customers.

“From now on, we is keeping as still as windy little micies.”^

The best way is not to wait for someone to invite us to do some meaningful work but to begin exploring and employing ourselves in what is meaningful for us.

Find your dreamwhisperer: someone who will listen very carefully for the whispers of your life – golden phizzwizards – and also for the things you need to avoid or let go of – trogglehumpers.^  Create your story or plan for including these meaningful things in every day – whether this is in your workplace or when you’re at home or both.  Experiment or prototype every day.

Of dreams, the BFG says, ‘They is always invisible until they is captured.’^

(*Jacques Ellul, quoted in Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.)
(**From Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.)
(^From Roald Dahl’s The BFG.)

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