we is in dream country


‘What initiative, if taken on jointly, could help shift the field of your system to 4.0?’*

‘So transformations cannot be extracted, made, delivered, or even staged; they can only be guided.’**

4.0 means everyone is involved, contributing, leadership shifting like the exchanging lead in the V-formation of geese.  4.0 is a connection to others, to the future, to the world, and to the Self.

And transformation comes from within, beginning with a dream.

“This is where all dreams is beginning.”^

Dreaming allows us to move beyond our present competence and makes a fool of rote obedience, imagining who we can be and what we can do that is more than we can do today.

Whilst dreams come from within, we often need a place for those dreams to be heard and to grow.   And there’s no better place then a group comprised of those who have followed their own curiosities and interests, developed skills and turned these into daily practices. Such “Dream Collectives” are beginning to form and make space for others to explore their aspirations and begin their own journeys.

Above all, they know ‘we shall lose that life which remains unarticulated.’^^

(*This is the last of sixteen questions from U. Lab Portobello explored since the 10th November.)
(**From Joseph Pine and James Gilmore’s The Experience Economy.)
(^The BFG in The BFG.)
(^^From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

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