this is my song


‘Where do you feel the crack (opening) to a field of the future?’*

‘”I is a dream-blowing giant.” … “A dream,” he said, “as it goes whiffling through the night air, is making a tiny little buzzing-humming noise.  But this little buzzy-hum is so silvery soft, it is impossible for a human bean to be hearing it. … Every morning I is going out and snatching new dreams to put in my bottles.”‘**

For some forty years, I’ve been trying to make to sense of some words about my new song.  I’ve held on to them because I have a feeling they are important to me but am not sure how.  As I listen for whispers at the beginning of the day, I hear my song in a children’s story – of all places.  This is a personal reflection but it’s also about you, because I’m a dreamwhisperer, listening for the “secret whisperings of the world”** in your life, listening for the crack, the opening, the thin|silence.

I share these whisperings, wondering what you’ll make of them, may do with them – these tiniest, most vulnerable possibilities of your future.

(*From U.Lab Portobello.)
(**From Roald Dahl’s The BFG.)

2 thoughts on “this is my song

  1. Beautiful how something in a children’s story is so much expressing the essence of your ‘song’. A beautiful ‘song’; thanks for inspiring me and many others, with helping to find these tiny possibilities, the cracks in future.

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