feelings, nothing more than feelings


‘While participating in U.Lab, what has touched you and why?’*

Feelings matter more to us than we know.  We say, “This is what we think,” when really it’s what we feel taking control, and when feelings go unnoticed they can mislead us.

‘It’s the norm for most of us to run on emotion throughout the day, and there is nothing wrong with this.’**

‘When we say that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ we are usually speaking of things that ‘come alive’; when their elements are integrated into one another.’^

When our thinking and our feeling come together something powerful happens.

I open my mind to there being far more than I understand and know but I don’t stop there.  I go further, noticing how I feel about these things.  What energises me?  What does the exact opposite? Which feelings grow when I notice them and which wain?

An elegant life emerges from bringing heart and mind, feeling and thinking, together.  They allow us to add more, develop more, become more, do more.

(*From U.Lab Portobello.  Check out this earlier post to find out a little more about U.Lab and Theory U.)
(**From Steve Peters’s The Chimp Paradox.)
(^From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

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