‘While participating in U.Lab, what has been the most important insight?’*

U.Lab  is a massive open-online course that encourages people to find each other locally and learn and imagine together, seeking to be aware of and present to the emerging future for business, society, and self.  (There’ll be another U.Lab opportunity next back end and it’s free.**)

One of the things I’ve personally benefitted from is being able to further develop a daily practice of opening my mind, heart, and will.

Author of Source Joseph Jaworski proffers three practices for being open to the emerging future: wake every day with your deep intention or purpose in life (by journaling or similar), stay connected throughout the day to your deep intention,  and, sense and seize opportunities as they offer themselves.

These three things hold infinite possibility including: reminding me there are so many things that I don’t know but others do, there are things I must walk away from in order to do what I must do, and there will be many opportunities in a day to express this in some way for others.

(If you are interested in finding out a little more about what this looks like as “A Theory of You (U!)”, let me know.^)

(*From U.Lab Portobello.)
(**Check out Seth Godin’s post which has something to say about why this can be a world changer.)
(^How U.Lab and Theory U can be used as a means of personal transformation.)

6 thoughts on “important?

  1. Came for a look today as one of my daughter’s doodles on instagram reminded me if your work. Having just given a ‘no’, I was grateful of the positivity of the statement above. Thanks for sharing.

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