the really important


‘Life is ambiguous.  There are loose ends.  It takes maturity to live with the ambiguity and the chaos, the absurdity and untidiness.’*

“Moment by moment, when we’re rushed, we’re simply not the people we’re capable of being.”**

Rushing around and making ourselves constantly busy suggests importance and purpose which may or may not be real.

We think we’re way too busy to slow down, to reflect on our lives and get our bearings.  Even for that nagging thought which catches us off-guard, that suggests maybe there’s more than this.  So we avoid looking closely because we think it’ll be bad news, but maybe what we find will be kinder than we imagine, more than we think.

Maybe what we fill our days with will turn out to be less important or crucial than we make it out to be, but amongst all the experience and skill-building of our lives I believe we find far more than we lose.

And just maybe, the thing you notice you’re drawn to, or pulled back to, or you make all kind of tenuous links with no matter what the conversation, is the really important thing for you.

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses.)
(**From Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber’s The Slow Professor.)



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