close enough to know their name


‘Effective help occurs when the helping relationship is perceived to be equitable.’*

My wanderings in the United States just about over, this burger bar declared itself to be Wanderlust.

For the last two days I had been doodling** with intent (dawdling purposefully), my flanering^ allowing me to meet people a little closer.

One of my last conversations, before heading to Dulles Airport, was with Shahgol (hello if you’re reading this, Shahgol), who told me about her zen-zig-zagging (I had to show Shahgol yesterday’s yesterday’s doodle).

I also learnt from Bailey, yesterday, that gezmek is Turkish for wander and, from someone else, whose name I wish I knew, helped me to identify that girlənmək is Azerbaijani for wander.

Wandering helps us to cross borders.  Flanering is about being open through curiosity and a non-judgemental to encounter cities and experiences and our world more deeply, and, most of all, people.

What we find is, everyone has something within them that will change the world, if only a little.

We need more flanerie.

(*From Edgar Schein’s Helping.)
(**I intend making the doodles from these days available as a colouring pack; watch this space.)
(^Check out my posts from the last few days to find out more about 

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