sensitive instruments


‘[T]he essence of teamwork is the development and maintenance of reciprocal helping relationships among all the members.’*

“The universe is a communion of subjects rather than a collection of objects.”**

When it comes to participating teams, here are some tests to see how complexly the team organises itself beyond the organisation’s hyperbole:

Is everyone invited to bring your skills in ways that make it possible for people to succeed?
Does everyone find it possible to progress things intuitively, to be in their flow?
Is it possible to see everyone growing in the process?
Do people find their contribution meets a need, so that everyone leaves at the end of the day feeling personally fulfilled?

The universe teaches us that all things exist in relationship, and evolution leads to more complex relationships.  Evolutionary theorist Thomas Berry suggests there are three dimensions of evolution: variety, interiority,^ and communion.  The more developed our interiority, the greater the possibility of communion, or relationship.   As part of this larger story, it feels like humans are still evolving.

By this argument, we’re becoming ever more sensitive instruments to the outer universe in which we live and breather an have our existence, and also the inner universe of our lives.  We’re able to see and feel and do more together.

Perhaps, as a species, we have hardly begun.

(*From Edgar Schein’s Helping.)
(**Thomas Berry, quoted in Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(^From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution: ‘Interiority refers to a richer perceptual universe and awareness of self.’  Another name for this might be complexipacity – the capacity to interact with greater complexity.)


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