fan the foolish flame*


Everyone has a great story to tell, a remarkable life to live.

Linda Rottenberger’s counsel is, ‘Stop planning, start doing.’*

Her words are offered up to those who think they have to put some complicated business plan together before they can begin their dream work.  Rottenberger’s are also pertinent to the one who’s thinking of pursuing their life passion and purpose.

The people you look to for permission to begin are often comfortable with how things are; they don’t want you to come along and subvert this.

Instead of trying to impress people in authority, why not start living your dream in some small way – let it unfold.

Maybe, just maybe on the way, you’ll find on the way, that you are becoming ‘creative nonconformists, … difference makers, aliveness activists, catalysts for change.’**

‘Humans feel more alive when they understand their purpose.’^

(*From Linda Rottenberger’s Crazy is a Compliment.) 
(**From Brian McLaren’s We Make e Road by Walking.)
(^From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire – eBook version.) 


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