others and me

19 others and me

‘People creating together work in different ways. … They learn how to let go of having to have everything worked out in advance and to step forward with boldness into immense uncertainty.  And they learn that tapping these capacities cannot be achieved without people being who they truly are and learning how to integrate their own lives.’*

The question, What do you need? perhaps is really asking, Who do you need?

We need others if we are to become who we can be; that’s certainly been my experience. It’s been about finding the people who know how to get to what our lives are ultimately capable of.

When we begin with what we have, bringing our art into the world, we find others to connect with.  These, in turn, help us become more who we are.

This is the dynamic relationship between others and me.

(*From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.) 


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