personal myths and what comes from beyond

3 living our personal myths so others may live theirs

“It takes the ancient form of the quest: the hero journeys to a far-off place, gains something valuable and returns.”*

Many great stories begin because of an interruption.  The main character or protagonist is thrown off their expected path, tries frantically to get back, but realises the only way to go is forward, discovering things about themselves – good and bad – that they didn’t know, and, dealing with their demons and growing in their humanity, return to a new beginning.

There are everyday interruptions that can be used to live out our personal myth-quests in our day-to-day lives.  The interruption from beyond can take different forms – a person, an idea, a challenge, an invitation, a question … .

These are thin|silence moments, when we’re open to that which comes to us from beyond, altering the way we frame a day.  These myths are personal because we all discover and prepare for our own from the beginning of the day.

(*Philip Pullmann in the introduction to Lionel Davies’s Kolymsky Heights.)


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