what will you be doing as a result of the next five steps you’re going to take?

6 do something

Who knows where the next step will take us, never mind the following four.


‘In order to harness complex forces you must first create something for the force to latch on to.  You must actually do something, even if you are not sure where it will lead.’*

What do you do if you have a lot of snow?

Build an ice hotel!

But you’d be wrong.

You start with an idea of bringing in some people who can create some ice sculptures, get even more people involved, have a go at making an igloo, then a bigger building able to house an expo, and eventually get to build an ice hotel – which took several winters to achieve*

To begin a journey like this, we need to observe more, but not from the sidelines.  When we enter into the complexity and see what happens, then wen find ourselves on one of the most amazing journeys in the universe, and it involves exploring our humanity.

When we see more, we can try more.  This is what makes an infinite player: finite players  believe they have to be free to do what they want to do; infinite players know they are free to make time to do what they want to do.**

We’re already free to prototype,^ and when we do, we’re allowing ourselves to step into the complexity full of unknown possibilities.

“Once we had that idea we had to try it out immediately.  I like that way of working – you don’t just talk about it, you try it.  No matter if it doesn’t work.”^^

(*From Frans Johansson’s The Click Moment.)
(**See James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)
(^ See Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(^^Creator of the original ice hotel Yugre Bergqvist, quoted in Frans Johansson’s The Click Moment.)


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