the unpredictable path

29 actively rejecting

‘Research trips challenge our preconceived notions, and keep cliches at bay.  They fuel inspiration.  They are what keeps us creating rather than copying.’*

There’s nothing new under the sun.  No-one has yet figure out how to do ex nihilo work; everything new begins with things that already exists.

And yet, we come up with some astonishingly amazing things, so much so that we properly wonder when we’ll reach the limits of human innovation and creativity.

When we’re prepared to leave behind the predictable and the familiar, the truth of this becomes more and more apparent.  The unpredictable is mind-blowing, but not impossible – new ideas, imaginative ways of relating and working with people, different ways of behaving.

Best of all, the things we need to guide us are already within us.

Our openness is critically important.  Staying open takes huge amounts of energy.  It’s why the easier option is to do what everyone else is doing, participate in the groups everyone else is in, and reiterate the predictable ideas.  What e’re about is bypassing the divergent, avoiding the emergent, and going straight to what we predict to be the convergent.

So, what do I love in all of this?  In my work with people exploring their passions, talents, and experiences, it’s coming upon their unpredictable paths.

(*From Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc..)

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