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‘In this special silence, you can hear or see, or get a strong sense of something that want to happen that you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.’*

Who hear the cries of silence?

As we grow older we grow less curious.  It’s something we learn, and we can unlearn it, says Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and offers the follow steps:

‘So the first step toward a more creative life is the cultivation of curiosity and interest, that is, the allocation of attention to things for their own sake. … Try to be surprised by something every day. …Try to surprise one person every day. … Write down each day what surprised you and how you surprised others. … When something strikes a spark of interest, follow it.’**

Curiosity is our guide out of the world of measurement and into the universe of possibility.^

We each have our own curiosity; I’m curious to know what yours is.^^

‘If you learnt to listen to your curiosity, you will find that you become curious about those things that are different and new.’*^

Walter Brueggemann makes a curious remark when he proffers, ‘Prophecy cannot be separated very long from doxology, or it will either wither or become ideology.’^*  Which I take to mean, those who hear the cries of silence must translate their openness and presence to what can be turned into a song they sing each day, ever new and ever alive, moving them deeper into the mystery.

(*From Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer, and Betty Sue Flower’s Presence.)
(**See Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Creativity.)
(^So would say Roz and Ben Zander in The Art of Possibility.)
(^^My curiosity is to know what yours is and to help you pursue it.)
(*^From Frans Johansson’s The Click Moment.)
(^*From Walter Brueggemann’s The Prophetic Imagination.)

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