living the dream

24 the dream

Though many dream about a different life, sadly that is what it remains – a dream.

I don’t mean dreaming opulence, sunshine days and open-top car, drinks on the beach.  Rather, it’s the dream that frames our sense of deep purpose and meaning.  So, how do we live present to this dream-wide-awake life?

It’s important to be moving – not only reading and imagining.  We also need to identify others who can help us – specific people who’ll give their time and help us move forward.  And we need to make attempts – to prototype things.

When we move, the dream sharpens.  Holding a dream for many years means it never gets the chance to grow up.  But moving with it will find it changing and growing and gaining an identity to excite and stimulate us.  This is a process of attraction.

There is a need for both process and points.  Points are when we actually do something, when things change.  Process is about “This isn’t it” –  there’s an unfolding of a dream that can accompany us through a lifetime.

If there’s no movement, then there’s nothing to attraction, and when there’s no attraction miss the possibilities which open to points and process.*


(*Movement, Attraction, Process and Points are ideas Alex McManus explores. Thank you, Alex.)

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