the awakening

23 questioners (colour)

“I have no idea where I am going.  I do not see the way ahead of me.  I cannot know for certain where it will end.”*

It can be scary setting out to do the thing you know you must do.

Yesterday, I was sat in a meeting of the organisation I have been part of for thirty six years, but am stepping out of so I can pursue what I know I must do.

I see how this is because my world has been shaped by others, people who’ve pursued the clearer purpose for their lives, and, in doing this, have changed the trajectory of mind.

This is the powerful thing about living what it is we must do.  We become a force of nature.

Now it’s my turn.

And it’s yours, too.

So what is it you must do?

‘Awakened doing is the alignment of your outer purpose – what you do – with your inner purpose – and awakening and staying awake.’**

(*Thomas Merton, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)
(**FromEckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.)

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