stories for letting go and letting come (39)

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It feels like a whisper, compared to the gale-force powers around.

When a whisper is trained, though, it becomes a powerful thing – honed with humility, gratitude, and faithfulness, and tempered by courage, generosity, and wisdom.

‘The greatest art is an intersection of contrasts … pain and healing, despair and hope, darkness and light.’*

One group of whisperers used the training “circuit” of awareness, love, ingenuity, and courage, to develop their whispering into the lives of others.**

Whisperers know this, they know their power comes from within.  Facing the reality of who they are and who they can become, they see they can make a difference for others, innovate their particular talents for impact, and step into the vulnerability.

(*From Erwin McManus’s The Artisan Soul.)
(**Chris Lowney tells the story of the early Jesuits in his book Heroic Leadership.)

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