stories for letting go and letting come (38)

28 wisdom defines

‘There are always more obstacles, bigger challenges.  You’re always fighting uphill.  Get used to it and train accordingly.’*

“Well, with this life you lead no one would have a sense of creativity.”**

Wisdom navigates a universe full of obstacles with vigour and generativeness and goodness.  Not so that we can overcome and forget the obstacles, but to use them as means to grow and develop.

Wisdom discovered and articulated by those who have gone before us provides us with ways to begin, until we find our own way.

Wisdom defines reality so it can discern possibilities which enables ways into the future to be discovered.^

Foolishness isn’t stupid so much as the failure or unwillingness to define reality, meaning it can only repeat the ways it knows, so, then, the future only repeats the past.

Wisdom knows, what lies on the other side of an obstacle isn’t a smooth path but imagination and creativity.

(*From Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.)
(**Erich Fromm to a Hollywood writer, in The Art of Listening.)
(^Based on Alex McManus’s leadership triad in Makers of Fire.)

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