stories for letting go and letting come (35)

25 no longer

‘We live in interesting times, a remarkable age that offers countless opportunities for personal growth and advancement.’*

Once upon a time, there were the Some and the Others.  Some had a good education, secured a good work role, and identified clarity and purpose early on in life.  The Others didn’t.

Things are changing.  The Others are finding they can access an education to fit them, which are largely free, they are exploring identity, and figuring out what they want to do.  They may even find themselves with an advantage over those who have given up on their dreams for privilege, position, and pay.

I’ve been telling the story of Roz and Ben Zander’s idea of issuing an A to all Ben’s music students at the beginning of the academic year; here’s the explanation:

‘We give the A to finesse the stronghold of judgement that grades have over our consciousness from our earliest days.’**

The Zanders go on to explain how the A makes it possible for the teacher and pupil – and similar relationships in the workplace – to work together and make the A a reality, becoming ‘a team for accomplishing the extraordinary.’**

I guess we’ve all had experiences of not making the grade.  But now we have an A, and the question is, What are we waiting for?

If you’re still figuring our your quest, why not find others to explore with?   You can also check out some sites which provide free or very low cost course with all kinds of subjects: becoming astronauts, superheroes, and happiness, are just some I’ve signed up for recently.^

Also, you can also get in touch with me to explore the quests and curricula of possibility.

(*From Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit.)
(**From Rosamund andBenjamin Zander’s The Art of Possibility.)
(^Here are some free education websites, giving a lot more reading, riting, and 
rithmetic: NovoEd, edX, TED, udemy.

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