stories for letting go and letting come (27)

17 art, after all

‘[I]t was critical that I somehow found a way to help these individuals, who I had come to care about so much, learn to dream again’*

The world is changing.  No longer are privilege, position, and power the only way into what we want to do.

Richard Rohr only asks, ‘How much of your false self are you willing to shed to find your True Self.’**

It is our false self that hides the possibility, or possibilities.

When Ben Zander describes the work of his wife Roz, he could be describing why I love dreamwhispering so much – the unlocking of what is already inside people:

‘She pays close attention to the stories people tell about who they are and how their world works, and she gives them tools to rename themselves and their circumstances in a way that generally leads to an outcome that is more than they hoped for or even imagined.’^

These tools are simple, but not in the way we think of simple.

Yesterday, I explored how gratitude creates capacity within us, able to hold all we have and all that is available around us – resources for a generative life.  Gratitude is not simple, like just saying “thank you.’  It’s the kind of simplicity found on the far side of complexity.  As a result, it feels like we are stepping into a mystery, a path which changes us when we embark upon it.

This path leads us from scarcity into abundance; we see and value all we are and have, all that lies all around us, and perhaps especially the lives of those most unlike us.

The path moves us through the hasty or long-held judgements that have marked our lives, through not caring or being led by cynicism, so that we are free to give, and in giving, to love.

(*From Erwin McManus’s The Artisan Soul.)
(**From Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward.)
(^From Rosamund and Benjamin Zandler’s The Art of Possibility.)


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