stories for letting and letting come (19)

9 the best way

‘[T]he process of living itself, if you please, is a work of art, as a masterpiece of anybody’s life, holds the optimal strength and growth, and which in his life is the most important thing.’*

Every life contains a world of stories.  Stories lived and stories neglected, and potential stories too.

Though we may have chosen what we now think of as the wrong stories – the ones which satisfied us for a moment, or that pleased someone else – there are still more stories to choose from.   The alternative may be to live with a low-level discontent. It seeps into how we think about and talk to people, how we get up in the morning, the ideas we have and what we’re prepared to say yes to, and what we daydream about.

The right story allows us to “Enjoy now.”**  This word always reminds me of creativity and generosity, from which enjoyment is a product.  Erich Fromm identifies how people ‘want to live happily without know how to live happily’.*

But living happily is an art and we can all learn it.

‘In such a [well-being] culture the main purpose of life is the full development of man and not thing and not production, not wealth, not riches.’*

We know the achievement of these things, in and of themselves, doesn’t make us better human beings.  But to seek integrity, that is, an integrated life with ourselves, with others, and with our world, leads us to the stories we want to live, stories with courage and honour: works of art and masterpiece stories.

(*From Erich Fromm’s The Art of Listening.)
(*From Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.)



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