stories for letting go and letting come (17)

7 stories to connect

I met Rick briefly eleven years ago.  He’d made himself available to escort and look after Chip Anderson – the man who was to open my eyes to my talents and set me on a path to developing dreamwhispering.  Chip was living with cancer and Rick was going to make sure he was cared for throughout the day.

Erwin McManus writes of Rick Yamamoto:

‘He became living proof at individuals of great power can live under submission.’*

What I didn’t know about Rick at the time was that he was responsible for a two billion dollar investment company.

‘Humility gives us the mobility to adapt to whatever context we are placed within.’*

This is a story about developing human capacity.  The best stories, like myths, operate at the soul level: ‘not always true in particular but entirely true in general … they hold together the paradoxes that the rational mind cannot process by itself’.**  When we focus on the intelligence of the mind we can forget there’s an intelligence of the body and heart, too.   Together, these form the whole me or, as some would say, my soul.

Here is the power of story for our lives.  They provide a vessel for more than our minds and our ideas.

This morning, I had a choice of waiting for a little while for a bus or to walk on a number of stops to where I could look over the city where I live.  So, I walked on so I could enjoy looking over the city in the cold Spring sunshine, realising the wow I felt was not in my head but in my chest.

Stories help us to sense and make sense of the whole.

(*From Erwin McManus’s Uprising.)
(**From Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward.)


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