i wonder

31 when the universe

“I wonder about you sometimes!”  Wondering 1.0 – disbelief, even judgement.

“I wonder what this means?”  Wondering 2.0 – curiosity and questioning.

“It’s wonderful!”  Wondering 3.0 – experience and awe.

Moving from wonder to wonder, we emerge from our our disbelief or closed mindedness about something or someone by beginning to question and inquire.

We emerge from our continual questioning when we notice what we enjoy and are energised by and move towards these.

‘In this world, there are two times.  There is mechanical time and there is body time. … The first is as unyielding, predetermined.  The second makes up its mind as it goes along. … there are those who think their bodies don’t exist.  They live by mechanical time.’*

Time is not only to be measured but to be enjoyed.  When we journey from wonder to wonder to wonder, we’re moving towards a larger life which engages us heart, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  This is different for every person.

‘Customers don’t want choice; they just want exactly what they want.’**

‘They say that people teach what they want to learn.’^

How do we know what we want when we’re unable to see all there is?  When we take up life’s offer to be lifelong learners, regardless of the role we find ourselves in, then a universe of wonder open to us.

The journey opens to us when we live with effort.

To move beyond the world as we see it will require we suspend judgement.

To move beyond a world of always questioning will ask us to redirect our attention to what we feel.

To move beyond inner feeling to experiencing, will need our willingness to let go and join in, because, ‘when you wonder you are drawn out of yourself.’^^

‘The sense of wonder can also help you to recognise and appreciate the mystery of your own life.’^^

(*From Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams.)
(**From Joseph Pine and James Gilmore’s The Experience Economy.)
(^From Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.)
(^^From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)
The cartoon quote comes from is included in Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire, and originates in Cirque de Soleil’s Varekai.)

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