difference x love = complementary

4 our creative strength

‘The motto of the alchemists was Solve et coagulate, which means “separate and bring together.”*

‘I believe, to my core, that everybody has the potential tone creative – whatever form that creativity takes – and that to encourage such development is a noble thing.  More interesting to me, are the blocks that get in the way, often without us noticing, and hinder the creativity within any thriving company.’**

When there’s difference without love, more often than not, one side demands that the other complies, or both sides accept less.

Either way, we lose greater creativity.

We each must know how we are different and learn how to bring this to the difference of others, if some magic is going to happen.

We can often find ourselves in a world where no one steps out in their creativity for fear of dominating or causing a ruckus.  We’ve become used to everything being “okay.”  Then someone dares to share their idea and spoils it because things often become worse.

What we can often be unaware of is how we are clumsily expressing their differences, and how, if we better understand ourselves and others better, we could move forward into something quite astonishing to behold – we don’t have to step back into everyone being blandly uncreative but getting on.

Catmull points to uncertainty, instability, lack of candour, and the things we can’t see as being the issues we must overcome.  This is the world we find ourselves inhabiting; we can’t see how there can be a better place.

To keep moving forward, we must daring to separate so we can see our remarkable differences, and then bring these together with the differences of others and work some real magic.

(*From Paulo Coelho’s Aleph.)
(**From Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc..)


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