and we will be travellers

23 we are travellers

One of the stories played out as part of the nativity story I mentioned a couple of days ago was that of the wise men guided by a star (likely a comet).

I love the thought that these men set out on a hazardous journey because they just had to follow their curiosity and their need to continually explore.

We each are guided by something different, as Bernadette Jiwa’s insight into meaningful companies proffers:

‘The customer is their compass.’*

Jiwa tells the story of the outdoor clothing company Patagonia sending their repair service on the road.  A truck was despatched around the United States, offering a repair service to ‘a jacket that had travelled the world with a customer.’*

It’s an honouring of allthose who’ve worn their clothing through the thick and thin of life; check out this message received by Patagonia with a repair ask:

“My mom raised my brother and I to explore the world with unwavering curiosity: the deep south, the Ozark Mountains,  the Great Plains …”

There’s something else happening here.  People are increasingly purchasing items which come with a story.  Part of our story is that we are a travelling species, migrating across the face of the Earth and, now, out into space.

What many of these travellers have achieved is to make the invisible visible for the rest of us.

They remind me I must travel from what I know to what I do not know, to where new possibilities occur – what Rohit Bhargava names intersections.

Places and spaces which will become our new “local”**

Bhargava shares three principles for intersectional living: see similarities, not differences,** purposefully look away from your goal, and wander into the unfamiliar:

‘In a world where we have a map in our pocket, ready to assist us with turn-by-turn directions to anywhere, wandering must be a choice.’^

As a traveller not depending on google, what’s your compass?

(*From Bernadette Jiwa’s Meaningful.)
(**Check out Taiye Selasi’s TEDtalk: Don’t ask where I’m from, ask where I’m local.)
(^From Rohit Bhargava’s Non-Obvious.)

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