when i close my eyes

12 i can imagine

‘Do you believe in a spiritual world, in a parallel universe, where time and space is eternal and always present.’*

When I close my eyes, I can imagine how I am one with everyone who is, has been, and who has ever been.  The kind of moment in which I feel the universe to be for everyone, hoping for an alternative reality to how things are.

We can all imagine something better and then to try and do something about it in a small way.**

I was sat in the local library yesterday and saw this book cover on a stand on my desk:

‘For Every Moment You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness’^

12 60 seconds

(*From Paulo Coelho’s Aleph.)
(**Later today, someone told me about a group of people who drove up in a Land Rover from Manchester to Carlisle – hit so bad by the flooding.  I thought the story was about using the Land Rover, but it wasn’t.  The Land Rover was full of food, and the Mancunians set up a kitchen and cooked for the people forced out of their homes.  Sean, who was telling me this story, said that some really great Human things were happening in Carlisle at the moment.)
(^Julian Germain’s For Every Moment You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness.)

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