you must move on

1 dissatisfied

‘When a sense of dissatisfaction persists, that means it was placed there by God for one reason only: you need to change everything and move forward’*

‘[I]t is essential to put yourself into the unconditional service of the future possibility that is wanting to emerge.  Viewed from this angle, presencing is about a dialogue with the future possibility that wants to emerge.’**

We use imagination to open up future possibilities: ‘The poet “places himself where the future becomes present.”‘^

Then we act upon what we imagine.  Steven Covey referred to imagining something as being the first creation, to make it happen, the second.^^

When we believe and act the future seems to open up for us, and something happens inside of us: ‘The willingness to show up changes us.’*^  When we do not believe, meaning we are unable to act, the future remains closed.

Moving with our imaginations will bring us to new days of possibility.

(*From Paulo Coelho’s Aleph)
(**From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(^Walt Whitman, quoted by Lewis Hyde in The Gift.)
(^^Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.)
(*^From Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly.)

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