30 giftmakers

We’re discovering our natural state can be one of gift-maker, on a journey from the ego and self, to the eco and Self – from a wrong understanding of who we are now, to a greater understanding of ourselves in connectedness with others and the future.

Yesterday, I mentioned there are three things we use the name of gift for.  There is the  gift we receive; the gift which is the magic we bring to life – more than the sum total of our talents and passions and experiences; and, there’s the gift we make and give to others.

In each of these ways, we are nourished: nourished in receiving, in making, in giving – the nourishment we need to thrive and flourish

The gift will always take me into the lives of others, and their lives into mine.

‘Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.’*

(*(From Paulo Coelho’s Aleph.)


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