guerrilla gifts

30 when we change

Guerrilla gifts create disequilibrium.

I give you this but you don’t give back, you give forward – use it to cause disequilibrium somewhere else.

Nipun Mehta is turning gifts into more than an economy – into an ecology.  One exploration with interns saw them engaging in 21 days of kindness, but it had to be something new every day – their focus and engagement and wiring changed as a result (then they went on to 21 days of gratitude).

Rohit Bhargava names the non-obvious trend of Branded Benevolence,* citing the example, among others, of Elon Musk announcing, on the 12th June, 2014, he would be making Tesla patents openly available, to speed up innovation in the car industry – apparently, a big scale guerrilla gift.  (Some have been more than sceptical – I’ll leave it to you to decide whether this is truly subversive goodness, or not.)

To be a guerrilla gifters involves a move from the head to the heart; these words from Tom Asacker work here:

‘They’ve discovered that breakthrough achievement is about belief.  Conviction, then action.  Magic, then logic. Heart, then head.  They know that seeing isn’t believing.  Believing is seeing.’**

How to get going?

Suspend old belief.

Give something, consistently, over a long period of time – the thing the interns, mentioned above, did.

Take hold of new belief.

Enjoy exploring.

(*Rohit Bhargava’s Non-Obvious.)
(**FromTom Asacker’s The Business of Belief.)

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