it’s just the way it is

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It doesn’t have to be.

It could be a lot different:

‘Stories are powerful.  Because we all become the stories we tell ourselves.’*  

We’re all part of the Human story and it’s not a story about this is just the way it is.  Things have changed in the last seventy million years.  To be Human is to be conscious of our story and our ability to change it.

A phone-in conversation on the radio this morning, about women in leadership in the top companies had one male contributor wanting to “throw the cat among the pigeons” by claiming women are the physical and intellectual inferiors to men (a serious case of it’s just the way it is).  I didn’t expect a female contributor concede these – “That’s just measuring who we are by our strength and intellect.”

I’d only just read Yuval Noah Harari’s conclusion that we just don’t know why women are subservient to men; in his opinion, the traditional arguments just don’t hold up: males are stronger; more aggressive; or, genetically developed to be more ambitious and competitive (who got to impregnate the females).

We’ve seen great changes across the last century and will continue to see change as we lean forward into the future – something we can learn to do when we realise it’s our turn to add to the story.

We’re becoming (more) Human, as we continue to face our blindspot, turning our attention on our inner selves, to where these things comes from, asking, Why do we want to perpetuate the story of discrimination and inequality, be it against females, ethnicities, genders, societies, when we can write a better story?

There’ll always be those who – for political, religious, egoistic, or personal reasons will say, It’s just the way it is, but the future belongs to those who want to bring more people to the party.

(*From Tom Asacker’s The Business of Belief.)

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