beyond function

27 it is often

I asked MC why she wants to develop her work idea, what was the thing driving it – our small group was exploring how to prototype our ideas.

I smiled at her response and have tried to capture it here:

“To help people create a beautiful life in which they are making progress.”

A long way back in Human history there was a time when our consciousness developed to the extent that we began to enjoy the beauty of something rather than its usefulness.  This matters because it’s tied to seeing the beauty in a Human life, rather than the simple functionality of carbon units.

There’s something about the universe which asks us to appreciate beauty: fauna, flora, music, numbers, art, colour, you, me.  Beauty is so very big, it is very high and wide and deep.  It cannot be reduced to just these things on this list.

Whenever anyone explores the beauty of their story beyond functionality and usefulness, that can’t be bad.

It can be pretty darn good.

One more thing: beauty isn’t something we’re born with – it’s a choice we make every day.

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