the place for gifts

26 be a space

Gifts make their difference when they begin to flow – the unique contributions everyone can bring as an investment in the world.

High-flow environments come in many different forms.

One person can choose to be just such an environment to another – provoking by giving their gift.  Two or more people can collaborate together in a synthesis of their gifts to others.  Physical spaces can be designed to encourage gifts to flow.  And a community can exist as a result of, and with the purpose of, encouraging the flow of gifts.

In each case of these the consequences are high – this matters; there’s a richness of complexity present (the more diverse the better), and, there’s encouragement of mind, heart, and will presencing – we not only think and feel something, we do something.

Of course, high-flow and high-risk means there’s the risk of failure, but we do pay more attention (including learning how learning from failure is more important than not failing).  High flow environments promise to produce communities, with ties stronger than any commodity exchange.

Here are three thoughts from different sources I happened to be reading today:

‘Ideas do not circulate freely when they are treated as commodities.’*

‘Everyone wants to be noticed, recognised and celebrated.’**

“To reach flow, one must be filling to take risks. … the average person – you and me – must be willing to fail, look foolish. and fall flat on our faces should we wish to enter this state.”^

(*From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)
(**From Rohit Bhargava’s Non-Obvious.)
(^Psychiatrist Ned Hallowell, quoted in Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.)

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