19 what do you see beginning?

Yesterday, I was watching the live session which began U.Lab – a massive open online course (MOOC)* exploring transformation of business, society, and self.

During this, those watching were invited to tweet their response to two question?

What is ending?
What is beginning?

Technology made it possible for responses to form word clouds.

What is ending? The two most used words: WORLD DYING.

What is beginning? Two of the most used words after world: PEOPLE COLLABORATION.

I sensed the beginning of a creative connectivity.  As I listen to the whispers from our future, and experience people getting together and dreaming, I wonder about how we’re increasingly “getting” something: our capacity to make all things flourish in beautiful ways.

We live within systems we see as being greedy or foolish or hurtful, but we’re waking up to the truth, we are the system, which is more good news than bad, because it means we can change things, we can create new systems.

Whatever the past has been, the future can be different.  We’ll each see this differently, and our perspectives are hugely important – we are creative and generous beings, enjoying life as we express these things.

(*There are 35,000 participants, and more in China- accessing through a different platform but the second largest participating country.  It looks like you can still sign up.)


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