heroes and guides and others

10 what to be today

Last night, I got to be part of a customer focus group helping a cafe figure out the direction to develop in.

We rocked!

Coming up with all kinds of brilliant ideas to make the business work better.

Reality is, we weren’t the heroes in this story.

They would be the cafe owners, taking the brave step of admitting they need help.

‘All the hero has to do to make the story great is struggle with doubt, face their demons, and muster enough strength to destroy the Death Star.’*

And we weren’t the guides.

These would be the consultants, who’ll wisely make sense of all they gather.

‘The strongest character in the story isn’t the hero, it’s the guide.  Yoda.’*

We were the others, helping the heroes and guides to make the right choices, and, hopefully, wise enough to know this was our role.

At some point, we’ll get to be the hero in the story – when we must do the stuff we must do.

And other times, we will be the guide in the story – Obi-Wan Kenobi helping Luke, knowing when to step out.

A lot of the time, we’ll be amongst the others in the story – willing to play a small part.

But the important thing is: we will not be an other for all our lives.

Each must figure out when the story demands we be a hero or a guide and turn up.

(*From Donald Miller’s Scary Close.)


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