when is a door not a door?

3 we are a mystery

When it’s a wall.

‘The great question in life is whether the universe has a door in the wall.’*

Syrian refugees camp out in a Hungarian railway station hoping a door will open into Germany; the world is impacted by the personal reality of the refugee crisis in the story of three year old Syrian boy whose body is found on a Turkish beach – his family – all thought to have perished – had hoped for a door into security in Europe.

‘The great question in life is whether the universe has a door in the wall.’*

It seems, we have some say in how the question is answered.**

We look for the doors in life so we might pass through to something different, something more.  But our lives can be doors for others, too.

‘We are partners in the unfolding of the universe.’^

Frederick Buechner wrote of how we find our place or purpose “where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Each of us is a different kind of door for others.

‘I suggest the word “inhumane” is a sign that we are discovering a meaning to life.  Our purpose is to reject  inhumanity and build a civilisation that is consumed by love.  In other words, our purpose is to become human.’^^

Today, I decide again to be door and not a wall.

(*From John Ortberg’s All the Places to Go.)
(**As I write, the city council of my home city of Edinburgh is waiting to offer sanctuary to the most vulnerable of Syrian refugees, but they are waiting for the British Government to be a door rather than a wall.)
(^From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)
(^^From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)



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