more than human

30 on discovering

“We are sensible that behind the rustling leaves and the stacks of grain, and the bare clusters of grape, there is a field of a wholly new life which no man has lived; that even this world was made for more mysterious and nobler inhabitants than men and women.”*

I snatched the title down from a pile of books in my friend’s office, but I should have made a note of the author, too.

The book I meant to read was More Than Human by futurist Ramez Naam; instead, I ordered the book of the same title by science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon.

But it turned out okay.

Sturgeon serves up an intriguing tale of how the people society considers hopeless are together capable of achieving amazing things.

I got to read Naam’s book, too, in which he considers how Humans are being shaped by pharmaceutical, technological, and genetic means – to the extent there’ll be different forms of Human walking the earth.  After all, we are a teenager species growing into adulthood, and what shall we be?

Maybe all of this helps us to see the untapped depths of a Human life and life together, including the greater story of life:

‘A regenerative society is about life flourishing, not just human life.’**

When compared to what we have been as a species, we already appear more than human, and we can only imagine this continuing.

“So far, the evidence seems compelling.  What seems to be happening is that information is coming from the future.”^

(*Henry David Thoreau, quoted in Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(**From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(Physicist Brian Josephson, quoted in Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)


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